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Irish Blog Awards


At this stage you lot are bound to have noticed that there is some commotion among irish blogs (freestater and DI) over the very ingenious idea from damien mulley to have an irish blog awards this year.
I think its a great idea. Some categories could be pretty competitive and i think its something that will be of great benefit to the irish blogosphere as a whole.
Anyone trying to kick start it has my full backing should you need it.
Anyhow, pass the word on, post on it support it and perhaps we might do it.
On categories, i think best fiction or use of blogs for art (excluding photography which gets its own category) might be a nice touch. John o Donaghue might give some zero's our way if Brian lets him.


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  1. Blogger EWI | 8:49 p.m. |  

    Actually, given the fierce competition that I see (through Irishblogs) would ensue, Photo Blogs could nearly get a few sub-categories, such as 'Cows'.

    (I kid, I kid!)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:10 p.m. |  

    Thanks for the support and ideas. Just wondering while the 'sphere is still so small and friendly, whether podcast awards should also be added to this?

  3. Blogger Cian | 11:40 p.m. |  

    Support is a given, its a good idea which could create more cohesion and community in the sphere. Any help you think i might offer just ask. Il have you know im quite talentless though.
    you could be onto something with the cast awards, by setting up the award while, as you say, the sphere is so small and inclusive etc, podcasts will have a standard of excellence to aspire to, bereft of nonsense.

  4. Blogger EWI | 11:32 p.m. |  

    Who does podcasts? I don't think I've ever seen any. (Apologies to anyone out there who has one, and I missed it)

  5. Blogger Cian | 8:37 a.m. |  

    Well that makes the category and easy victory for those who wish to try it then, doesnt it?! And with no competition from slugger its bound to heat up with competitors soon.lol.

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